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yoursdress.COM applies to provide customers with three-dimensional shopping platform. It founded in 2007, specializing in wedding dress, formal dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, evening dress, part dress and other products in the retail, wholesale and agency business. Further more, it commits to provide consumers with convenient, safe and professional online shopping service. In the effective operation of this professional network marketing team, yoursdress.COM is relaying on its own rich industry resources, basing in China and orienting to the world's market, which enables it to form a well-established system of commodity supply chain within a short period of 2 year.


With its own network promoting advantages, we has set up long-term friendly cooperative relationship with a variety of vendors in China and has become the exclusive network partners of many companies. Working closely with the manufacturers ensures the best value system for the price and the stable and reliable after-sales service system. At present, yoursdress.COM sells more than 3000 kinds of up-to-date products, covering wedding dress, formal dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, evening dress, party dress and other related areas. We not only provide customers with comprehensive sales service, but also a wider range of product information, practical information and leisure & fashion interactive communication services. With the "Create The Fashion Life" concept, a wealth of industry resources and the level of professional service, yoursdress.COM serve to every customer.


yoursdress.COM's feature



Rich Commodity: All the products we are selling are from the manufacturers or the agents who signed the contract with us. And one brand including all the products and series is on sale. Thus, our products not only have conventional types of goods in shopping malls, but also there are a lot of new merchandise that can not easily be found in many markets. So it's very convientiont for you to know the most popular products in the market by providing you with the channels of choosing fashion merchandise.


Cost advantages: There are not too many intermediate links in the products selling, as a result, a number of cost savings gives to customers to the largest extent. So comparing to the price in market, it's very favorable. Moreover, the promotional activities are held by the factory from time to time, letting the customers enjoy the high quality of the brand goods, good services and favorable price at the same time.


Convenience of shopping: The detailed information of goods enable you to directly compare the products in time to determine buying intentions. You can order the goods you want or leave some message about your questions to us. You can also carry out your orders or advice by our call center.


Door-to-door: After confirmation of your orders, all goods you want will be delivered by the time your appointed through a variety of global express delivery service (UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS) in order to save your valuable time.


Service guarantee: As a professional on-line direct marketing platform, we have signed contract with the manufacturers, which contains the services, so that all the goods we sold can directly enjoy the services from the suppliers, manufacturers or agents without going through the intermediate links. All brand goods are authentic, which do not have any problem.


Interaction: We have provided our customers the way to interact with others in each goods. You can put any questions through advisory system, then the experts will answer you. yoursdress.COM is not just a shopping site, which's more like a your good friend who's shopping with you. In addition to basic marketing activities, there are lots of theme activities and many of the more-game-like actions here. So you can get the different shopping information and obtain the unusual shopping experience.


yoursdress.COM commitment: We are committed to providing authoritative information, the lowest price and convenient way of shopping in order to build a new shopping experience for you!


We are committed to strictly abbey the national regulations and policies. All the products are genuine ones that have legitimate tax from formal channels, which have a good warranty, return and after-sales service system. To make a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the products you need, we have every product to provide 100% original digital photographs of goods, which detail the technical performance indicators and the information of manufacturers. At the same time, using a variety of convenient and secure way to pay for the rapid delivery system through advanced Internet technology to carry out real-time tracking of orders ensures that every customer data's security and confidentiality.